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General rules for this discussion board

Postby boardadmin » Wed 17. Feb 2010, 18:54

This discussion board is exclusively used for communication within the OpenEstate-projects. It is especially used for solving problems, answering questions and communicating suggestions. We attach great importance to a factual discussion and a civilised manner. To ensure these general rules, please consider the following policy.

  1. Access to this discussion board and it's usage can't be demanded in any way, suited or forced otherwise.
  2. In general we apply to 'Freedom of Expression'. Any expression of opinion may not match with views and thinking of the operators or other participants.
  3. Every author is responsible for his provided contents. We will modify or delete illegal contents immediately after we have taken notice about it.
  4. The operators of this discussion board reserve the right, to cancel access rights for users (temporarily or permanently) without a further statement of reasons. This especially applies to:
    1. unconstitutional contents
    2. pornographic contents
    3. call to crimes
    4. defamations, abuses, insults, threats or other kind of verbal attacks against persons or companies
  5. Advertising for other websites and companies are not asked for, except it is an inevitable part of support / assistance.
  6. Search first, ask later. As time goes by the discussion board will grow and it will become more probable, that a question was already asked / answered. It saves a lot of time, if you search your problem first. In case, that no answer can be found, you're welcome to ask your question.
  7. Always select a meaningful subject to your message. This will significantly improve orientation to all visitors of this discussion board.
  8. For a better orientation, create a new topic for each of your problems / questions.

We want to establish as few rules as possible. We trust in a mature & responsible behaviour of every participant, that a counterpart will be treated with respect and appreciation about provided assistance. If it comes to light, that further rules must be established, we will extend this policy.
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