[PHP export] The PHP export is not correctly configured!

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[PHP export] The PHP export is not correctly configured!

Postby Andreas Rudolph » Thu 31. Mar 2011, 19:32

From time to time we're receiving questions like this:

When installed Open Estate into new Joomla 1.6
I went to Components to enable Open Estate

Where it says: Setup the environment of the PHP export
I placed following path:

Script Path: /home/www/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/components/com_openestate/

Script URL: /home/www/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/components/com_openestate/

I got error message:

The PHP export is not correctly configured!

The file config.php was not found in Script Path!
The file include/functions.php was not found in Script Path!
The file data/language.php was not found in Script Path!
The provided Script Path is invalid.
For information - the script path of this Joomla installation is:

Can you help me to configure it properly

Usually this error message appears, if the configuration values for script path & script url are incorrect.

The properties need to be exported from ImmoTool to your website (in PHP-format), before you can setup the Joomla-component (or any other CMS component) properly. Please make sure, that you have already executed a PHP-export from ImmoTool to your website.

After this step, you can configure script path & script url. For example - if the PHP-export is available at:
  • The script-URL would be:
  • The script-path would be:

If the Joomla-component accepts your configuration, you can create one or more menu items inside Joomla. Unfortunately we don't have an english documentation for this procedure yet. Maybe these screenhots can help a little.

The results may look like this example website.
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